It's morning. Again.

A short interactive story about getting up and depression, made for the RIJV 2nd jam about "personal stories". Text by Emilie Mavel, illustrations by Valerija Trane. Full screen recommended.

Trigger warning: depression and self loathing talks.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withTwine
TagsAtmospheric, depression, Mental Health, Minimalist, Narrative, Short, Text based, Twine


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The ending made me want to cry. It's so comforting to know that it's ok to have a hard time getting up, to be depressed, to have a flurry of emotions, to be depressed and unable to function..... I get yelled at by my parents for not getting up and being ready when they want me to. I always have a hard time getting up. Always. No matter how much I sleep, I always feel tired and can't get up for so long but even then, I stay in bed for a long time. 

Solid writing. <3 I couldn't enter fullscreen for some reason on Firefox and some of the white text was hidden when overlaid on the illustrations, but I enjoyed it overall. Thank you for this. :)

very relatable, while i was thinking about the choices to make i was giving them some sort of advice and it made me think "why can i give them advice but i cant follow it myself?"

Mental health is always a tough nut to crack... And so hard to get out of negative cycles. I hope things will get better, or that at least they are bearable for you. Take care.

...I saw too much of myself in this for my comfort. Well, that probably speaks well to your writing; there's something very real about it. 

Will say that the overlay of text and images on the main menu screen is a visual mess. It's a good illustration, and I like how colorless it is. But the text is getting lost in it, kind of?

Hey Cme_rollin! Thanks for the feedback. Can you tell me where you played (in the browser or if you downloaded the files), and in which resolution?

Google Chrome, 64 bit. Might have been on my old laptop then, but it should be the same specs


Very well put together! The way you reuse bits of text by nature of it being interactive fiction really does a good job of playing into some of the circular thinking that can happen when you're depressed. Also the art did a nice job grounding transitions to different areas in the story.

Great stuff!